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Hintergrund. Achter Report der EU-Kommission über Relocation und Resettlement


Aktuelle Relocation-Zahlen für alle Aufnahmeländer:


Kritikpunkte der Europäischen Kommission an den Aufnahmestaaten:


Zitat Seite 8:

While in some cases these delays are due to additional checks carried out by Member States after acceptances, other delays are due to operational and logistical problems. Countries with bigger allocations, such as Germany or France, prefer to send acceptances for large groups of applicants (400 or 500) and prefer large single transfers in charter flights, while Member States with small or medium-size allocations prefer smaller transfers scattered throughout the month. In addition, some Member States request flights on very specific week days and at specific hours. These differences and requirements have an impact, particularly in Greece, in the last phases of the relocation procedure, from notification by the Greek authorities to organising health checks by IOM and cultural and pre-departure orientation. They also complicate the logistics to organise transfers. More flexibility from the Member States of relocation would therefore be desirable, from sending acceptances in smaller groups to the organisation of flights.

In addition, IOM had to postpone some transfers as it seemed that some Member States did not have the capacity to swiftly accommodate accepted relocation applicants. Member States will need to ensure their reception capacity is capable of accommodating relocated applicants.

Zitat Seite 9:

Main recommendations to the Member States of relocation

 As of December 2016, all Member States should:

o pledge and relocate on a monthly basis both for Italy and Greece to reach at least 2,000 relocation transfers per month from Greece and at least 1,000 relocation transfers per month from Italy;

o where needed, increase their processing capacity of relocation requests and accelerate the response time to relocation requests to meet the 10 working days target set in the relocation protocols as well as increase their reception capacities to accommodate the relocation applicants, including unaccompanied minors, in accordance with their allocation;

o send acceptances in groups of a maximum of 50 people, show flexibility regarding organisation of flights, avoid delays in transfers of relocation applicants that have been accepted by Member States and increase involvement of Liaison Officers in cultural orientation activities and information provision;

o ensure proper justification of rejections and share information regarding reasons for rejections via the secured channel offered by Europol or the national security correspondence offered by the Hellenic Police;

o nominate experts in response to EASO’s various calls, ensuring longer deployments and more senior and specialised profiles.

 As of February 2017, all Member States should increase their monthly relocation pledges and relocation transfers for Italy and Greece proportionally to their allocation to reach at least 3,000 relocation transfers per month from Greece and at least 1,500 relocation transfers per month from Italy by April 2017.

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